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Materials Management - Cataloguing & Coding Services

Unplanned asset downtime can be considerably reduced by monitoring and analyzing data from across a plant or business and using these inputs to ensure the availability and reliability of the correct spare parts and materials as and when required. Thus the integrity of master data has a direct impact on the performance of maintenance systems. OPD has extensive experience of the preparation and auditing of asset registers and other databases together with asset tagging and we help clients to deploy best practices in data management in accordance with international standards. Inventory and Data audit benefits include faster searches, reduced obsolete or dormant inventory, enhanced stock optimization, improved spend analysis, and robust data.
  • MRO inventory management.
  • Material asset register cataloguing.
  • As built asset verification.
  • Nameplate photography.
  • Data and stock migration.
  • Material inspection and analysis.
  • Data audit and enhancement.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Removal of duplicates.
  • Obsolescence analysis.
  • Spare parts risk analysis and optimisation.
  • Preparation of spare parts interchangeability records (SPIR).
  • Developing software for cataloguing to meet client specific requirements.
Material cataloguing is often associated with data and stock migration from one ERP to another. It is also critical during material master cleansing and updating. Once the catalogue addition amendment  (CAAR) request  is received, it is important to identify all the unique and critical attributes of the parts,  to prevent the wrong part being coded.

This request is usually reviewed and approved by material engineers  to check the stock (inventory) line items for adequacy and completeness of specification, catalogue group, validity, compliance and its linkage to the user’s requirement.

The cataloguing & coding teams search the existing database to confirm the item is not already catalogued and where available, all naming and numbering conventions are checked for correctness. OPD has developed a foolproof coding process accompanied by physical verification on site or warehouse including but not limited to checking the specifications, verification of availability of certificates and correlate that information with the items in stock to source required/missing information Including:

  • Material Type & Material group
  • Manufacturer Part Number & Supplier Part Number
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Noun/Modifier Assignment
  • Data Classification
  • Plant
  • Unique Old material number
  • Unit of Measure (UoM)
  • Physical inventory indicator for cycle counting
  • Long / Short Description
  • Product Image Sourcing
  • Total Shelf life (Only if Batch Managed)
Lack of standardisation is one of the common issues faced by the  clients from various industry sectors. Our consultants can provide solutions to avoid these issues, such as highly variable or missing material descriptions and classification data from the suppliers/vendors. This data needs to be reconciled, manipulated and improved in accordance with the standard conventions.

There are numerous standards and coding conventions available, with the most common being NATO/NSN, eCl@ss, Shell MESC, ECCMA(eOTD), UNSPSC. Generally organisations defines their own naming conventions or follow one of the national or international standards to suit their ERP master data.

OPD also undertakes custom inspection and coding tasks as specified by the customer to suit their business process. This follows unique or customised and optimised coding standards from the client organisation. Custom cataloguing may include Plant/ERP/country-specific constraints, various industry-specific classification systems, and any custom classification or coding system that has been developed and utilised internally by the customer.

World class maintenance planning and asset management are essential to the oil and other process industries, by reducing downtime and increasing safety, profitability and return on investment.


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